Daily Rituals For The Kitchen Witch

Updated: Feb 28

Many witches want to know what rituals they can do on a daily basis. How do we fit magick into our everyday mundane lives? Here we provide the Kitchen Witch with 10 daily rituals to incorporate into their witchcraft practice. Use and/or adapt the ones you like.

Kitchen Witch Daily Rituals With Herbs

1. Daily Herb Studies

Since kitchen witches are all about the herbs and spices, an easy way to study herbalism is to choose one herb/spice a day to focus on. Choose one that’s in your herb cabinet. Pull it out of the cabinet and set it on the counter. Research it’s folklore, medicinal and magical uses. Then try to use it in a meal or herbal concoction, etc.

2. Brew Tea

What kitchen witch doesn’t love a hot cup of tea? Make your tea-brewing process a daily ritual. Put thought into the herbs you’re using, thank the water element while pouring the water, draw symbols over the tea kettle as it heats, etc. A small and simple daily ritual for the kitchen witch.

3. Cook With Herbs

This is an obvious but simple one – cook with herbs every day! This becomes a daily ritual in and of itself when the kitchen witch selects an herb or spice from the cabinet or a specific intention. For example, adding garlic to any dish has a purifying, healing effect on those who eat it.

4. The Herb Garden in Daily Rituals

You don’t have to be a green witch with a green thumb to have an herb garden. The herb garden becomes part of the kitchen witch’s daily rituals when the witch visits it every day. She greets her plants, tends to her garden, and harvests herbs for magical, culinary, and medicinal purposes. For more information on how to make your own witch garden, check out our 10 Ways To Create Your Very Own Witchy Garden blog post!

More Daily Rituals for the Kitchen Witch

5. Tend The Kitchen Altar

If you haven’t yet, start a kitchen altar. It doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, it can be as small as a shelf with a candle and a few magical items. Tending the kitchen altar will become part of a kitchen witch’s daily rituals when offerings are given to ancestors, household spirits and kitchen gods.

6. Kitchen Witch Guardians

Every kitchen should have a guardian spirit. The kitchen witch can create a guardian by making a kitchen poppet. Or you can purchase a kitchen witch doll or statue. Once you have your kitchen guardian, you’ll need to infuse the guardian with your magical intentions/energy OR invite an ancestor’s spirit to take residence in the doll/statue. This kitchen witch guardian will then protect your kitchen and family. Caring for the kitchen guardian will become part of your daily rituals. Offerings and care are essential.

7. Candle Flame

One simple daily ritual I do every day in my kitchen is light a red candle to honor the hearth-fire of my ancestors. The kitchen witch lights candles in the kitchen as a thankful gesture to the fire element (which gives us the ability to cook), as well as for the household spirits, kitchen guardians, and ancestors.

8. Kitchen Grimoire

The kitchen grimoire or Book of Shadows is important to a kitchen witch. It’s a book in which we keep our magical recipes, ancestors’ recipes, kitchen rituals and spells, herbal anecdotes, and more. Writing in your kitchen grimoire becomes a daily ritual for the kitchen witch.

9. Cleaning & Cleansing

Every day, the kitchen witch should make sure his or her kitchen is clean. There should be no dishes in the sink when you go to bed else you’ll have nightmares (or so the old wives tale goes). Keeping a clean kitchen is honorable to your household spirits and ancestors. In addition, cleansing the space of negative vibes is also a simple daily ritual. You can use sprays, smudge bundles, etc. The besom is used to sweep away negative energy (a quick cleanser).

10. Offerings as Daily Ritual

Giving offerings to your kitchen gods, spirits and ancestors is a daily ritual that is rewarding and easy. Leave a cup of water, coffee, wine, etc. on your altar for your gods/ancestors. Change it daily.

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