12 Magickal Herbs You Should Have In Your Witch Garden

Updated: Feb 28

Medicinal herbs and health-promoting flowers are the backbones of a witch garden. In this article, you will know 12 magickal herbs you should have in your very own witch garden. Back in the olden days, witches created extensive gardens filled with herbs, trees, vegetables, and edible flowers. You might not have space or the time to dedicate looking after your witch garden so you will need to consider which plants are useful and appealing to you. Please note that some plants that are believed to be suitable for a witch's garden are toxic to animals and children, including belladonna, poppy, and mandrake. If you do plant poisonous plants, make sure that they are separated from other plants and labeled in order to avoid confusion.

Important information that all witches should know right away: There is no such thing as a "traditional" witches garden. As overtime, magical lore and plants have changed. It's so important that your garden should reflect your practice. Unless you use it regularly, there is no need in planting something like mandrake or belladonna (for example) simply because you view it as a "witchy" plant.

When planning a witch's garden, find out the harvesting times for each plant. It's best to pick a wide selection of plants that mature at different seasons of the year. You will also have to consider your personal environment. For example, some plants grow best in pots while other plants have deep roots and need to be planted into the ground. You will also need to consider your micro-environment; for example, if you are growing plants on a balcony, wind may be an issue. You may choose herbs for taste alone or you may choose to use herbs as part of spell casting and other forms of natural magic.

When making choices for your witch garden, intuition may play a role in your choice. If a certain herb appeals to you more than another, you're likely going to enjoy working with that herb more and so be more likely to have successful results.

Please note: harvest herbs before they bloom. Don't just pluck off leaves, but cut the main stem with a sharp blade, just beneath a leaf node, making sure to leave several leaves on the stem to keep it growing.

Here is our list of 12 magickal herbs you should have in your witch garden. As previously stated, you may choose any herbs that work best for you and reflect on what you practice. These are merely suggestions that we recommend that you should have within your witch garden.


1. Basil: Grows easily and doesn't require extensive care. Basil is good for fidelity, love, protection, and wealth. It dispels confusion, fear, and weakness. A past belief was that evil can't reside where basil is scattered.

2. Chamomile: It likes light, well-drained soil, and plenty of sunshine. Chamomile is good for love, money, purification, luck, justice, prosperity, and rest. Sprinkled around the house, it helps remove curses and spells. It can also be used in incenses for sleep and meditation as well as in an infusion to promote relaxation.

3. Dill: Dill can be grown in a pot and is suited for life indoors. However, it can be top-heavy so it's best to use a broad-based pot to keep it from flopping over. Dill is good for protection, money, lust, and luck. The scent of dill is said to stimulate lust. Dill protects when hung at the door.

4. Garlic: Garlic likes a period of cold to grow well and grows best in rich, crumbly soil in a sunny spot. When the scapes (the grassy-looking leaves) start to dry out, starting at the tips, it's time to harvest your garlic (usually in autumn). Garlic guards against negative magic, spirits, and the envy of others. Hang it in your home to bring togetherness to the family. Traditionally, garlic also protects against the evil eye.

5. Lavender: Useful for a variety of purposes and adds a heady scent to your garden. It is mainly used in love magic, but it can also be used in protection, purification, creativity, clarity of thought, happiness, and peace. Burn the flower to induce sleep and rest and then, scatter the ashes around the house to bring peace and harmony.

6. Lemon Balm: Does best in partial shade and is often planted in gardens to attract butterflies and bees. Best harvested before it goes into a flower. Lemon balm gives the energy to make it more desirable to the opposite sex. It is also used to ward off evil and promote good health.

7. Lilac: Lilac brings in a feeling of calm and peace.

8. Mint: Since Mint is an invasive herb, it's best to grow it in a spot away from other plants. Mint is good for magic involving money, love, travel, and sharpens the mind, promotes energy, and improves communication and vitality. You could use dried leaves to stuff a green poppet for healing, rub on money to bring prosperity, or rub against furniture, walls, and floorboards to cleanse them of evil and negativity. Mint is also good to burn in a new home to clear out sickness and negative energy.

9. Oregano: Grows well in a pot and is very hardy. It is good for magic involving strength and vitality. You can also use it in spells to deepen love.

10. Rosemary: Rosemary does well in the sun, requires little watering, and can be grown in containers as well. It's best for the plant if you give it a good pruning two or three times a year and dry or freeze the leaves for future use. Rosemary's main use is to improve memory, friendship, and fidelity. You can hang bundles on your front door to keep harmful people from entering.

11. Sage: Easy to maintain and it has low watering needs and requires full sun. Sage can be grown in a pot, it is good for wisdom, protection, and money. It absorbs negativity and misfortune and drives away disturbances and tension. You can carry it as an herb of protection and to promote wisdom.

12. Thyme: It can be grown in a small pot. Thyme is a low-growing plant and its leaves can be harvested all year. Thyme can be used in healing rituals pr to bring about restful sleep. It attracts loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others. Wear a sprig to ward off grief or provide strength and courage. Burn or hang in the home for banishing, purification, and to attract good health for all occupants.

We hope this article is helpful and informational as well as a good read!

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