What Is Moonology & The Eight Magickal Phases of the Moon

Updated: Feb 28

What is Moonology? Moonology is the study of the moon and its magickal associations with the Moon. There's a belief common to many cultures that work with rituals at the time of different phases of the moon can bring about physical or psychological change or transformation. These rituals have historically occurred on or around the full moon and to a lesser extent the new moon.

We figured out an easy method for ways to work with the mystical powers of the moon, which according to ancient wisdom affects all life on Earth. It's called Moonology. In this article, you’ll find the eight magickal phases of the moon explained, according to the manifestation method of Moonology. 

1. New Moon

During this moon phase, state your intention and plant the seeds of your dreams and goals for the future. Meditate on your dreams from day 1 through half of day 3 after the waning moon phase following the third quarter.

2. Waxing Crescent

During this moon phase, this is the time when you give your dreams a chance to blossom and flourish. You are not yet able to see what you’re going to manifest. Keep thinking about what you want, from the second half of day 3 to day 7 after the new moon.

3. First Quarter Moon

During this moon phase, it’s important to make time to feel your desires again and to visualize them. This is also the time when a crisis or problem can occur. Don’t be distracted, stick to your dream/goal, from day 7 through the first half of day 10 after the new moon.

4. Waxing Gibbous

During this moon phase, stay on course and don’t give up. Don’t let your ego or your fears spoil your plans. From the second half of day 10 to day 15 after the new moon.

5. Full Moon

During this moon phase, this is the make-or-break phase. If one of your wishes is going to manifest itself, it will be now. You can also get a strong indication that you’re on the right track. Some wishes will take a long time. This phase lasts from day 15 through the first half of day 18 after the new moon.

6. Waning Gibbous

During this moon phase, BREATHE! If things didn’t work out for you in the previous phase, then what? Relax. You will find that the more you work in accordance with the lunar phases, the more easily life will flow. From three and a half to seven days after the full moon.

7. Third Quarter Moon

During this moon phase, look back and see how far you’ve come. Now is the time to work out what you want to take with you into the new moon cycle that’s coming soon, and what you want to leave behind. From seven to ten and a half days after the full moon.

8. Waning Crescent (Balsamic Moon)

During this moon phase, the moon cycle comes to an end and it’s time to let things go. One of the best ways to work with this cycle is to chant the Sanskrit words Om Namo Narayani. It means ‘I surrender to the Divine’. The Divine has a plan for us all, and we are the Divine made manifest! So surrender now and rest, ten and a half days after the full moon to the new moon, in preparation for the next cycle.

Stay witchy witches!✨🔮


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