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Our Vision

At Magick Wick, we are dedicated to crafting small batch candles, harnessing the natural energies of crystals, and infusing the power of reiki to empower your spiritual journey. We believe in the profound connection between the moon, the universe, intention, and manifestation. Our mission is to provide you with ritual goods that ignite your inner magic, helping you explore the depths of your soul and manifest your desires with intention.

Our vision at Magick Wick is to be the guiding light on your spiritual path. We envision a world where everyone can tap into the ancient wisdom of the moon and the universe, using our candles and crystals as tools for transformation. We see a future where the power of intention and manifestation is accessible to all, enabling individuals to lead a more balanced and harmonious life. Through our products and practices, we aim to inspire and support you in your spiritual journey.

Meet the Founder of Magick Wick

Samantha Diaz, the visionary founder of Magick Wick, has woven her passion for spirituality, craft, and a lifelong connection with the mystical world into the heart of our business. Magick Wick began as a one-woman operation in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, with Samantha at the helm, driven by a desire to craft unique, environmentally friendly, and ethical items that cater to the spiritual needs of our customers.

Samantha's roots run deep into the spiritual realm. From a young age, she was captivated by magick and the boundless potential of the human mind. This lifelong fascination led her to explore a myriad of magical practices, each enriching her connection to the mystical.

Today, Samantha's expertise extends into the realms of astrology and crystal healing. She has honed these abilities to help others unlock their inner magick, offering guidance and empowerment. Samantha's vision for Magick Wick is not only to provide beautiful and purposeful products but also to create a supportive and nurturing community for those seeking personal transformation, self-love, and a life filled with purpose and abundance.

At Magick Wick, our foundation is built on Samantha's deep commitment to spirituality, her extensive knowledge, and her unwavering passion for guiding others on their journeys. Our offerings are imbued with her dedication to creating a world where the magick within each of us can shine bright.

Our Promise

At Magick Wick, our commitment is to handcraft each candle with love, care, and intention, employing the finest ingredients and ethically sourced crystals. Our mission is to infuse every product with the transformative energy of Reiki, ensuring that each item you receive resonates with positive vibrations. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the cycles of the moon and the energies of the universe for your personal growth and manifestation. Our promise is to be your trusted companion on your spiritual journey, offering an array of high-quality ritual goods that empower you to embrace your inner magic and manifest the life you desire.

Belief in Sustainability and the Healing Power of Nature


At Magick Wick, we hold a deep belief in the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and the power of nature in healing and empowering ourselves. That's why we've diligently worked to create candles made from soy wax, boasting an impressive burn time of up to 50 hours. This means that not only do our candles smell fantastic, but you can also rest assured that they are both environmentally friendly and safe for your well-being.

Furthermore, all our brews and potions are meticulously crafted using only 100% natural ingredients and pure essential oils. This commitment to purity ensures that each product we offer is not only an invitation to explore your inner magic but also an ode to the nurturing and regenerative qualities of nature.

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