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Black Obsidian Tower Point



Let's talk Obsidian—it's like a powerhouse stone, deeply rooted in the Base Chakra and linked to Scorpio and Sagittarius in the zodiac. Think of it as a blend of Earth and Fire energies, with colors ranging from sleek black to shimmering silver and warm brown tones.


But what really sets Obsidian apart is its ability to dive deep into the layers of our past, present, and inner truths. Born from the fiery depths of volcanic lava, it's like a fast-acting, no-nonsense gem that gets straight to the point. It might be sharp at times, but it's all about healing and letting go.


Obsidian is like your personal coach for growth, showing you where you've been holding onto imperfections or illnesses and guiding you toward improvement. It's like having a supportive friend who's always there to lend a helping hand.


And when it comes to grounding, Obsidian has your back. It's like a shield against negativity, whether it's coming from the environment around you or from within. So, if you're craving some extra support and clarity in your life, Obsidian is definitely the stone to turn to. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


Please be aware that natural crystals come in various shapes, colors, and sizes due to mineral composition and environmental factors, but these variations do not affect their metaphysical properties.

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